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2015 Racing Season

Edgewater Sports Park

4819 E. Miami River Rd.
Cleves, Ohio 45002
513 353 4666

Welcome to our primary web server... In order to serve our racers and race fans better we have established a backup website at http://www.edgewaterrace.netIf at anytime the site is not available, please try our backup site.

Anyone who needs a chassis certification Edgewater is offering March 27and 28.
The SFI inspector is Travis Miller.  Call the office for an appointment between 10 and 4 pm Mon -Fri.
If you have an appointment please keep it.

2015 Race Season opens March 21st with Tune and Test noon to 5 pm
Good weather and really nice turn out

The Tune and Test for March 27th Friday Night and Saturday March 28th are  cancelled

Next week Friday April 3rd is Tune and Test Night    
Gates open at 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm
April 4th Saturday night  will be the 1st Race Night
with gates opening at 3 pm and racing at 7 pm

Check the schedule for some of the events for 2015
Watch for announcements soon!


Despite the rumors, the track HAS NOT been sold .
We've been getting a lot of calls concerning this so we wanted to clear everything up.

Watch for more information and the race schedule on this website

Facebook information and Edgewater photos on Edgewater Facebook

*Fast Facts*
This is a photo of Dick's race car from 1969.  It was a record holder and
ran 9.60 back then.  Held record in NHRA  B/G Class.
-Current owner Dick Weinle since 1979. Edgewater has been open since 1954. 
-Championship drag racing NHRA member track-1/4 mile racing.
-Led lights on tree,  dial in boards in water box,  cross talk also available.
-Home of the NHRA Division #3 1982, 93, 94, 95, 96 & 99 team champions!!

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