TUNE & Test

Friday, June 26th - Test & Tune!

5 pm until 10:30 pm

Racer & car $35 , Crew members $15 each. Kids 10 and under free

Saturday, June 27th !

Gates open at 11 am, time runs at noon, racing at 4:30 pm

 Crew members $15 each 

Guaranteed Payouts - $3300 SP, $2150 Pro, $1150 Sportsman, $150 Jrs.

Entry - $75 for SP, $50 for Pro, $40 for Sportsman, $25 for Jrs , $40 for Bikes

Crew members $15 each 

Basic Rules:

Motorcycles... (all are required)
  • Valid state motorcycle driver's license

  • Proof of insurance

  • Manual kill switch

  • Helmet with a min. of Snell 2010

  • Leather boots OVER the ankle

  • Gloves and jacket

  • NUMBER PLATE ON THE RIGHT (tower-side)

  • If running over 120 MPH - must have full or zipped together leathers

Cars... (all are required)
  • Valid state driver's license (no temps)

  • Proof of insurance

  • Seat belts

  • Long pants and shirts with sleeves (short sleeves are OK, just no tank tops)

  • All convertibles must have helmets

  • T-Tops must be secured with duct tape

  • Overflow can on the radiator/coolant system of AT LEAST 16 oz.

  • Nylon or nylon-type clothing and open-toed shoes are prohibited

  • Written parental consent if under the age of 18

  • Cars with hubcaps of beauty rings must be removed

  • If 13.99 and quicker - a helmet with a min. Snell 2010

* If running Nitrous Oxide:​
  • MUST have a fire extinguisher and it MUST be mounted

  • MUST have nitrous oxide sign displayed on the vehicle

  • No external heating of the nitrous unit

General Track Rules...​
  • No glass is permitted anywhere at the track

  • Absolutely no drinking & driving or drug abuse AT ANY TIME

  • No alcohol permitted in the lanes or with your crew members

  • Drivers may not use cell phones when on the track surface

Notes to the Racer...

You must fill out the vehicle inspection form and proceed to tech.

Tech will inspect your vehicle (or check for Pre-Tech stickers) and sign your run card.

Lane Assignments...

Lane 1 - Grudge Lane

Lanes 1 thru 6 - Street Tires

Lanes 10 & 11 - Slick Tires 

Lanes 13 & 14 - License Passes and Pro Tree

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