code of conduct

Edgewater Sports Park reserves the right to remove, ban, fine, or suspend anyone from the premises whom causes any disruption of guest enjoyment & safety or interferes with normal daily operations. Any driver not willing to comply with our rules may also be disqualified. Thank you.

If a guest is escorted off the premises for any reason, the entry payment will NOT be refunded. Breaking any rule listed here or posted anywhere around the property poses a risk to being fined or banned from Edgewater. Racer’s breaking any rules may be suspended from racing at Edgewater if necessary.



Our rules are not limited to, but include:​

  • Absolutely no drinking & driving or drug abuse AT ANY TIME (no one operating a vehicle may be consuming alcohol)

  • No alcohol permitted in the lanes or with crew members

  • Drivers may not use cell phones when on the track surface

  • Parents and guardians are responsible for their children AT ALL TIMES! The driver is responsible for anyone in their party who acts out-of-hand.

  • No skateboards, no scooters, no 4-wheelers, no roller blades, no bicycles, etc.

  • All dogs must be on a leash

  • No open fire pits permitted

  • No glass is permitted anywhere at the track

  • Racers must follow the 2021 NHRA Rulebook & any additional ESP rules!

  • No glass permitted at the race track

  • Drivers are NOT PERMITTED to use their cell phones on the track surface

  • Employees, racers, and crew members are the only  persons allowed on the track surface!

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct WILL NOT be tolerated

  • Your NHRA License must be active, your race equipment can not be expired

  • Do not steal or vandalize anything within the Edgewater facility

  • Refrain from using foul language/gestures, refrain from fights and disorderly conduct as well


*It is at the discretion of Edgewater Sports Park to deem a situation as malicious and to decide upon means of reparation.*


  • Rules for  breaking on the ready line... If you are in the ready lanes and your car won't start to move forward into the water box we will give you ONLY one minute to get your car started. The clock will start as soon as we realize you are having a problem. After the one minute is up and your car isn't ready to race you WILL be disqualified and the car you are paired with will get a broke run and have the win for that round.​            



Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic and CDC guidelines for social distancing, Edgewater Sports Park has adopted the following policies and procedures for the current racing season. Every individual entering the complex is required to read, acknowledge, abide by, and sign off on the rules listed below upon entrance. Anyone failing to abide by the policies and procedures listed below may be asked to leave the premises without a refund.

  1. All attendees are subject to individual health assessment at entry, including body temperature readings. Anyone sick or showing symptoms of illness will not be permitted to enter.

  2. Each individual pit space must be 20 feet from one another. Please remain in your pit area as much as possible during the event.

  3. Absolutely no gatherings outside of the crew you arrived with. All gatherings limited to no more than 10 persons. Travel around pits or grounds is for essential needs only.

  4. All persons must remain 6' apart except for family and individual crew. Maintain a safe social distance at all times possible.

  5. Drivers only must take race vehicles to technical inspection for annual/event inspection. Drivers will remain in their vehicles unless asked to exit.

  6. No one other than authorized Edgewater employees is permitted in the tower, entrance booth, or offices.

  7. Every-other staging lane will be utilized. Drivers must remain at their vehicle at all times in the staging lanes. 

  8. Only 2 crew members and 1 cart are permitted in the staging lanes or at the starting line and must remain in their vehicle at all times.

  9. When your vehicle has made its pass, all crew members must immediately return to their pit area.

Our staff will be taking all the necessary precautions including wearing masks, face shields, gloves, etc. Restrooms and other areas may be closed from time to time to allow for sanitization. Edgewater staff will be closely monitoring the starting line area to prevent unauthorized gatherings.​

Foodservice/concessions may not be available at events. Please consume all food and throw away all waste in your individual pit area.

Please wash hands and/or use sanitizer as much as possible. Wearing masks/gloves is not required but is recommended when around other participants or traveling through facilities.


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