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2016 Race Schedule
Friday Night - Tune and Test - Gates open 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm
Spectator $10 and race is $25. Children 6-12  $5 

Anyone can enter and anyone can run their vehicle.

Saturday Racing
Nights - Gates open at 2 PM with racing between 6:30 and 7 pm
Spectator $15     Children 6-12  $5

Sunday Day Racing -
Gates open at 10 am with racing at 2 pm
Spectator $15 and/ or $12 depending on event for the day.  Children 6-12  $5
Check schedule for Sunday events



21st Fri Smoke Out Contest-"Roll the Coal"
and possible Gamblers Race
and Regular Friday Tune and Test Night

22 nd Sat night Race Night with Super Pro, Pro 
Sportsman and Jr. Dragster and Motorcycle

28 th Fri. Tune and Test Night
29 th Sat. ESP Race Night

November :
Gates open at Noon to 5 pm Weather permitting.
6th SUNDAY RACE DAY with BOX and NO BOX Racing
Gates open at 9:30 Racing at 1 pm

12th Saturday Tune and Test Day
13th Sunday Race day (Box & No Box) plus Jr Dragster

19th Saturday Afternoon Tune and Test
20th Sunday  Race Day (
Box& No Box) plus Jr. Dragster

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to ALL and thanks for the 2016 race season!

Watch for announcement of Banquet date .





























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