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Muscle Car Sunday- Class Info & Rules

Sunday October 9th, 2016 2016
with Car Show- Swap & Drags

Swap gate opens at 8:30 am and racers and Show at 9 am

Car Show with Dash plaques and Trophies
Entry $15.00  Gates open at 9 am Judging at 1:30 pm

Swap Space Entry $25. and continues all day in the shaded area.

1/4 mile races with QUICK 32
Winner               $1000.                            13.99 & quicker on DOT Tires 
Runner up             400.                             No open bodied cars
Semi                       100.                            Must have DOT Tires
Quarters                 50.                              No Electronics- No Delay Boxes permitted
Entry                       40.                              NHRA Lic. required 9.99 & quicker
Rev limiter-line lock -2 stage permitted
Your qualifying time is your 1st rd. dial in

1/8  mile -ALL RUN RACE   (Non Qualifiers of the Quick 32 and all other racers)
Winner                 $1500.                           All run 1/8 mile
Runner up                400.                           Non qualifiers of Q 32 run this race
Semi                         100.                           Box No Box will be kept seperate
Quarters                    50.                                       as long as possible.
Entry                           40.  

UMTR make up date from rain check on Sept. 17th will be honored for this day

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