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Muscle Car Sunday- Class Info & Rules

Sunday June 4th, 2017 
Car Show- Swap & Drags

Swap gate opens at 8:30 am and racers and Show at 9 am

Car Show with Dash plaques and Trophies
Entry $15.00  Gates open at 9 am Judging at 1:30 pm

Swap Space Entry $25. and continues all day in the shaded area.

1/4 mile races with QUICK 32
Winner               $1000.                            13.99 & quicker on DOT Tires 
Runner up             400.                             No open bodied cars
Semi                       100.                            Must have DOT Tires
Quarters                 50.                              No Electronics- No Delay Boxes permitted
Entry                       40.                              NHRA Lic. required 9.99 & quicker
Rev limiter-line lock -2 stage permitted
Your qualifying time is your 1st rd. dial in

1/8  mile -ALL RUN RACE   (Non Qualifiers of the Quick 32 and all other racers)
Winner                 $1500.                           All run 1/8 mile
Runner up                400.                           Non qualifiers of Q 32 run this race
Semi                         100.                           Box No Box will be kept seperate
Quarters                    50.                                       as long as possible.
Entry                           40.  

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