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Racers Memorial

This page is dedicated to our fallen racers and their family and friends. Please take a moment to remember the contributions they gave in both their personal lives and for the sport of drag racing.  If you know the dates or year of their death please email us at management@ Thank you

Dave Rouse Sr.                                                        Ronald Wilson Sr.  
Paul Sellmeyer                                                         Dave Turner
Bud Taylor                                                                 Paul Day
Dan Kelly                                                                 
Gary Stallings Sr. (09-14-06)
Preston Mitchell (02-16-01)                                      Charles  Sears (10-24-04) 
Whitney Loos                                                            Don Stephenson 
Hugh Bond (11-05)    
Jim Grant                                                                  Warren Gross (09-10-97)
Jerry Wernke                                                             
Joe Frionino (Psycho Joe)  
Tom Whitney                                                              Tom Welch 
Tommy Welch                                                            Mike Emerson
Jack Balcom                                                             Ray D
Ted Crawford                                                             Jerry Means      
Leonard McDaniel                                                    Jim Moler (12-17-03)
Craig Garrett                                                            
Mike Davenport 
ry Doerflein (2002)                                                Ralph Gabbard (03-2006)
Mac McDonald                                                          Bud Cook
Herb Jackson (02-14-07)                                          
Jerry Green (09-05-07) 

Randy  Sacksteder (02-10-08)                                   Lee Reiff (07-15-08
Steve Engel (2008) 

Don Smith (12-2009)               
Tony Seals (08-19-09)                                                Jim Suder (09-2009)
Roy McKinney (09-2009)                                            Carlos Lawrence (09-21-09)   
Nick French (10-4-09)                                                 Phil Minges (12-12-09)

Don Trabel (04-11-10)                                                 John Lower (05-2010)
Mark McCartney (05-2010)                                         Ray (Nick) Nicodemus (08-23-10)
Dan Hasse (12-31-10)                                              
Steve Jung (06-4-11)


Mr. Schokley                                          Terry Schively
Ron Kramer                                            Buddy Carle
Pete Howe                                              Bill Tolson Sr.
Merrill Downey                                       Bill Tolsen
Chris Gasnik                                           Cal Thomas
Bob Louden                                            Tom Ellison
Richard Argo                                          Gary Randolph




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