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Quick 8 Class Info & Rules



Qualifying Times 5:00 p.m. and 6 p.m. 
Eliminations 7 pm before Super Pro 
If an open time run would be needed must be here and ready by 2:30 p.m.
Broke credits are not given to Quick 8 racers.
Points awarded as follows:                                            Dates for 2015
14 bonus points to the winner                                         
7 bonus points to the r/up                                              May   23 rd
5 bonus to semi                                                            June  20 th
5 bonus points for qualifying                                           July   18 th
10 for entry                                                                   Aug.   1 st
1 point for each round staged                                         Sept. 12 th
2 for Low ET                                                          Moved to  Oct.   11th

And "INSTANT KARMA RACING" is offering
13049 Percival Rd, Walton Ky 41094
859 485 4524
Hoosier Tire Contingency Program-
Purchase and use  Hoosier Slicks
from Instant Karma
Post Instant Karma Decal on BOTH sides  of your racer
Win Quick 8 race and receive $50. CASH for every WIN!

Engine diapers are required. 
Auto Start will be used. 
ALL entries to tech.
When running a 1/8 mile,
An Advanced ET License required for car running ET of  3.66 to 4.49
Current Chassis Sticker required. (No 90 days)
All safety equipment when you are tech and you race.
Please register your tow vehicle in tech.
NOS HEATERS PERMITTED-Thermostatically controlled blanket.
Type warmer permitted.   NO TORCH HEATING PERMITTED.
Any warm ups without the driver in the seat must be done on Jack Stands.
Pairing will be posted in Tech area.
You must dial within a 10th. of your qualifying time for first round. 
Door cars must qualify 6.00 or quicker.

Use your N H R A rulebook as a guideline.

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