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Pro Overview

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Pro class  at Edgewater:
PRO on the 1/8 mile
( 5.70-8.99 ET) If you run faster than 6.39 ET have your license with you when going to tech!!


Follow the 2018 N H R A Rule Book for Safety and for your class requirement
Please check yourself on the helmet rule on full face helmet sheild if applicable .
License is required if running 6.39 seconds quicker..
Chassis required for 6.39 and quicker (same as Super Pro)
Time runs are in sessions: 3:15 & 4.45 pm
If open time runs are permitted it will be at 2pm to 3:15 pm and will be punched
listen for the announcement on the PA if this is offered.

PRO CLASS:    Winner $1000.,R/up 400., Semi 150., Quarters .,75 
Buy Back $30.
Entry $ 55.. min car count 50. 

The Edgewater and Summit points are awarded as follow:
5 pts for entering                              1 pts. each round staged 
14 bonus to the winner                       7 bonus points to r/up
5 pts for semi                                   3 bonus for quarter fin


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