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Upcoming UTMR 2019 Race Dates at Edgewater are:

October 19th, 2019

VISIT: https://www.facebook.com/UMTR-South-1554490534829259/ for information

Basic Rules and Info:

  1. 2018 Rules and Procedures for U.M.T.R. Quick Stick and Street Stick Series
    Manual Transmission Only. Lencos permitted. Hand/Arm shifted lever(s) only.  NO air shifers permitted. NO clutch activated automatics or brunos allowed. A UMTR Offical will place a colored sticker in the upper right hand coner of the windshield after the car has passed inspection. While in the lanes prior to first round, any car without a sticker will not race.
  2. All cars must leave starting line with leg released clutch. Shifting without clutch (clutchless) permitted.
  3. All vehicles must pass Host Track Tech inspection and UMTR device inspection before any passes are made. NO electronics permitted in either class. NO delay boxes, no pedal magnets, NO air release or hydraulic clutch line lock system.. Any device not meeting U.M.T.R. tech regulations must be disarmed by the car owner and will be sealed by UMTR staff before any passes will be permitted.  The seal must remain on the vehicle/device throughout the event.  If any competitor is found to have an illegal device after U.M.T.R. seal is applied, the penalty will be revocation of U.M.T.R. membership, forfeiture of acclumulated points and driver will be barred from participating in U.M.T.R. events for remainder of the season.
    *Data acquisition, Rev limiters and wheel line lock are permitted.*
  4. Once eliminations start you must drive the same car in all rounds.
  5. All cars competing in U.M.T.R. events must comply with 2018 N.H.R.A./I.H.R.A. safety requiredments. Participating host tracks may require engine diapers.
  6. Quick Stick Class:  7.50 to 12.99 ET
  7. Street Stick Class:  Any ET
  8. All participating tracks have strict provisions prohibiting the use of alcohol and/or illegal drug use by any driver in competition. Any driver violating the substance rules will be pulled from any further competition.
  9. Participants will run on personal dial in.  Dial in may be changed between rounds. Driver/crew must check own dial in on dial board. Once staged, you must accepted the posted dial in.
  10. Bracket style eliminations will be used at U.M.T.R. points events. LPairings, lane choice and bye runs will be determined by Host Track personnel.  ONLY one bye run per car and driver per event.  Unless, the final 3 remaining racers have each already had a bye run, then the bye run will be determined by chips or card draw.
  11. A Driver and Crew meeting will be held at all UMTR events. The meeting will be held at the UMTR even tent after second time run.  All racers and crew are strongly urged to attend.
  12. A driver/Car registration form must be completed at the first UMTR event attended and turned in to a UMTR ofical prior to the first time run.
  13. UMTR will pay Winner, Runner up and Semi Finalists.
  14. Entry fee:  Quick Stick- $60.00 admits car and driver
    Street Stick -$40.00 admits car and driver
  15. Crew members will pay the Host Track Spectator price.
  16. Any questions or complains must first be brought to the attention of UMTR officals ONLY. 
  17. Do not argue with track personnel for any reason.
  18. Should a rain out occur, UMTR officals will discuss the possibility of a rain date/make-up race with the Host Track. The Host Track will be solely responsible for determing if a rain check or refund of entry fee will be granted.
  19. Drivers are encouraged to park together in the UMTR designed Pit areas. Signs will be posted at each event.
  20. In order to receive points you must run your permanent UMTR number and all sponsor decals must be visible on both sides of the car(example fenders, doors, quarter panels).  Both quarter window and back window are also acceptance.
    *** Failure to display the sponsor decals will result in loss of contingency awards***
  21. Any stick Shift car is welcomed to participate in any UMTR event.  However, to accumulate points (described in # 17 above) you must be a member. The Membership is $40.00 per class. To compete for points in both classes you must pay two membership fees. 
  22. Each UMTR Chapter will have its own points champions.  Points toward the Championships will only be earned in the chapter to whick you are a member.  Any driver can belong to more than one UMTR Chapter during the same season.
  23. Every race will be points race. Edgewater Stick Shift Nationals and Thompson Gear Jammer's Bash will be Double Points races for members in their respective chapters.


UMTR members will earn 5 points for every round in which they compete.

Event winner gets an additional 5 points.

A. 2 points will be awarded to any member that has brought their race car, Paid to race and turned their tech card in to the host track personnel and their car broke before first round of eliminations.  Entry money will go toward race purse.

B. 1 points will be awarded for the best  reaction time during eliminations per class.

C. Rainouts if the host track calls a rainout before first round of eliminations no points will be awarded.  A rainout during elimination, points will be awarded for completed rounds only.  No points will be awarded for partial rounds.

All rules are subject to change as circumstances may demand from time to time. UMTR will make every effort to give ample advance notice of any changes.


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