Sportsman - 1/4 mile racing

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Winner $350.00
Runner Up $150.00

$  75.00

Quarters $  50.00
Entry Fee $  30.00
Buy Backs $  20.00



If the car count is not met then the payout will be adjusted from the top.
An annoucement over the PA or in the driver's meeting before the first round will be made.

Listed below are the Rules:

  1. 12:00-19:99 ET 1/4 mile
  2. No Delay Box
  3. No Trans Brake 
  4. Single Stage 
  5. Line Lock Allowed
  6. Slicks Permitted
  7. RPM limiting device permitted
    except down track controller
  8. Two step prohibited.


Summit series guideline for SPORTSMAN ET (1/4 mile 12.00-19.99)

  1. Computer:  Prohibited unless stock OEM equipment.  See general regulations 9:1
  2. Data recorders:  Prohibited.  See general regulations 9.2 & 9.9   
  3. Delay boxes : Prohibited.
  4. Transbrake:  Prohibited.
  5. Line lock:  Four-wheel line lock prohibited.  Two-wheel line lock permitted on
    non-drive wheels only.
  6. Throottle control must be manually operated by driver's foot
  7. Electronic , pneumatics, hydrailics or any other device may in no way
    affect the throttle operation.
  8. A dead stop under the carburetor or gas pedal is permitted.
  9. Throttle timers, cunters prohibited.
  10. Ignition stutter box prohibited.
  11. Single stage rev limited permitted.
  12. Rev limited or any other rpm limiting device, legal unto themselves but altered or
    installed in so as to function as a down track rpm controller prohibited.
  13. Crank trigger system prohibited, unless OEM distributorless ignition.
  14. All switches and buttons must be standard mechinical connection type.
    Infrared lasers, retinal scan, fingerprint, light source or other non-
    mechanical type switches prohibited.
  15. Tow vehicles prohibited.


 Know your 2018  N H R A Rule Book            ( 1/4 mile 12:00 - 19:99)


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Class Info & Rules | Latest Results | Summit Points | Edgewater Points | Archives