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Class Beaks at Edgewater:
(4.50 -7.75 if running the 1/8 mile)

MUST go to Tech with safety equipment and your license
Full faced helmet is required for those racing  9.99 ET 1/4 mile or 6.39 in the 1/8 mile.
A License is required if running 6.39 or quicker on 1/8 mile 
Chassis certification required
Please read and know the rules in the 2019 N H R A RULE BOOK

TRACK RULE: A Engine Diaper is required for Super Pro and Pro classes if
your ET is 9.99 or quicker when running the 1/4 mile or 6.39 running
1/8 mile running
9.99 or quicker 1/4 mile or 6.39 on 1/8 mile).

Super Pro - WITH A DELAY BOX (4.50 - 7.75 1/8 MILE)  as of July 1 st 2019
Winner $1500.,  R/up $500., Semi $150.,Quarters $100.00, 
Buy back $35.,
Entry fee $65.
Minimum Car Count: 65
Watch for new information and check the schedule on this site

Edgewater and Summit points are awarded as:
5 points for entering                 1 point for each round staged
14 bonus points to winner          7 bonus points to the r/up
5 for semi                                 3 for quarters